Step of Making Stranger to be Friend is Challenging?

I love to know strangers.  With them, I can be anyone I like. Yet, sometimes, to start a chat with them would be “challenging”. There are the most common questions I get when I meet new people in social media. Sometimes, I would be nice person and answer it honestly. Though, another times, I will ignore it. Being questioned which make me reflected the cause-effect and start to think who I am and what matter for me. Does the basic information matter?

A: What is your name?
Me: Check my profile!

When people make an account, it is a must to put a name for the account id and our job is simply to read it. Sound mean? I won’t deny that some people don’t put their real name in social media especially the ‘temporary’ sites to make friend, date online, game or  else. I don’t either. But when I write a name, it should be ‘Me’. I want people know me with that name. I lie? I do. I don’t trust every random people I meet online. What is in a name anyway?

A: How old are you?
Me: .....

Long time ago, when I know someone’s age, I treat her/him differently as if there is visible wall I make as a gap. It doesn’t change much but at least, now, I start thinking that I should be friend with them first: To show my true-self, my egoistic side, my “It’s me”. I don’t know them personally, at least not yet, so I have no reason to fear and to pretend being someone I don’t. Being free to say what you want to say is a luxury. Why does age matter? We learn something from anyone in any ages anyway. I do believe that age is not about the number. It is about how we do feel inside us. Our mind determines it.

A: Where do you come from? 
Me: A paradise on earth.

It will  be another small talk to start conversation and I won’t mind it. People often ask this question to find “what’s my next question to make this conversation going on”. It is fine. It is just fine before people come to stereotype. A friend of mine says that we do judge people from any information we have about them. We form an opinion from the information we’ve got by the media, news or rumors. Considering that some information are just completely manipulated, taking them as a grain of salt would be necessary.

A: Send me your picture.
B: (Sigh)

Social media has been our active-walking-update curriculum vitae, even diary, nowadays. We leak out things there. Recently, to know people is easier because we just need to stalk their profiles. And done! You’ve got everything. We shouldn’t have problem with it. Yet, there are people who don’t even post any update info or any recent photos of them. Does it matter? Absolutely not. I don’t upload many photos in my social media but I do it in my blog. Send me your picture? Check my blog would be my answer if people ask. Unfortunately, some people cant understand it. Seeing the picture of someone we talk to is a normal but respecting their choices to be “mystery” is a wise decision for me. Trust me, some people find that taking selfie is a pleasure, others feel it as nightmare.

I love to know strangers. The step of making stranger to be friend is challenging? It is always a pleasure. But, if they can’t even accept what matter for me, should I count them as matter? Maybe we are in different line. Psychologically, we tells everything to the person we feel comfortable with. Be just!


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